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Junior squad club tops.

Junior club top.

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Top junior stories

It has been a wee while since I updated this part of the web site - not because Solway juniors have been inactive I have just failed to get myself organised enough to post on here. So here is a recap of some of the highlights starting with the most recent.


The Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival

1 June - The Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival in Pollock Country Park was an enjoyable and memorable day with our juniors posting some fantastic results. In the S5/6 category our runners finished in 3rd, 4th and 7th places and these results were good enough for to win the team trophy. In S3 our juniors finished in 4th and 6th. Our S2 runner was placed 15th in a particularly competitive field. Well done everyone.

Luckily the event and prize giving were over and everyone journeying home before the thunder storm hit and brought with it a deluge of rain.

P1090635 P1090715


At our May series of coaching sessions we had a fantastic turn out of junior members. Click on the photo below to see more.


The Dumfries and Galloway Schools Orienteering Championships

The Dumfries and Galloway Schools Orienteering Championships was held on 18 March 2018 at Cream o' Galloway - a very popular venue ..... and the ice cream is good too! It was an excellent turn out of pupils - about 170 in total - and they provided a wonderful display of enthusiasm while navigating round the courses.



Junior take over

Junior members of Solway were in charge of the November Saturday morning event. Here you can see them planning courses in a local cafe before heading out to the forest to check that the control sites are suitable. On the day of the event they took on the running of the event and did a fantastic job of running the registration, processing finishers and ensuring that the results string was kept up to date.


Scottish Junior Inter Regional Weekend

On 28 October it was the Scottish Junior Inter Regional Weekend. Due to a variety of circumstances only one of our juniors was able to take part on the Saturday in the relay event at Deans in Livingston. The West team won the relay event. North team won over all.


The Scottish 6 Days

Summer 2017 and a number of Solway juniors took part in the week long Scottish 6 Days. This event is held every second year and is a fantastic holiday for all the family. You can find out more on www.scottish6days.com


The Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival

Drumpellier Park was the location for the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival on Friday 2nd June. Three of our juniors made the trip up despite the fact that in Dumfries and Galloway it was an inservice day for teachers and a holiday for pupils.


Scottish Orienteering Championships

This weekend long event was held in East Lothian so not too far from Solway turf. A select group of our juniors took part and posted some great results in the individual competition with our runners finishing in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 15th places on some tricky dune terrain. The photo below is the hand over between two of our runners at the relay event on the Sunday.


Dumfries and Galloway Schools Orienteering Championships

Barhill Plantation was the venue of this event and we had a whopping 160 pupils take part. While the weather was a bit cold and damp there was still lots of enthusiasm and energy on show.



Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival

When you are an orienteer you get to go to some rather nice places. In this case it was Dalkeith Country Park. In amongst all the sterling results one of our juniors finished in a fantastic 3rd place. Way to go! What a great day out!


Dumfries and Galloway Schools Orienteering Championships

18th March 2016 This year the event was at Cream o' Galloway. There were about 125 youngsters from 11 different schools - from P5 right through to S6. As you can see from the photos the sun shone and the runners found it very warm out on the course. The ice cream was very popular at the end!


Junior Inter Area Championships 2015 By Hannah M.

The Junior Inter Area Champs

Hannah & Zoe in the mass start for the relay event. Photo from INVOC

Me and Zoe went to the junior inter-regional orienteering in Aviemore. A battle between teams from the North, West (us) and East of Scotland. The event was a three person team relay and an individual course. In the relay I ran Orange, the starting leg, it was a mass start and was really good. I was followed by our yellow runner Emily and then Grace our light green runner. As a team we came 4th.
Overnight we stayed in a dorm with Lindsay, Lucy, Megan, and Jura. They were so nice and we played a capture the flag game with cards with the 100 other orienteers. We watched the movie Up which was great and ate cake with our leader and 15 girls under our blankets until 11.30 when bed was at 10.
The midges were really bad the next day at Lagganlia. We travelled to the course with a lady who knew one of our friends from Dumfries. I ran an orange course, it was okay and went round a complex path network. I think I came third in the girls. The competition was tough and unfortunately North won by a few points. They did have a much big ger team.Me and Zoe had a fabulous time and made lots of friends and are hoping we will see them again.

Solway Junior Squad at the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival

5 June 2015

We had a fantastic turn out of juniors, the best we have had for years and to make the day even better we had some great runs from our team.
The event was held at Deans and Dechmont Law in Livingston so it was an early start to make sure we got there in time. Even then finding our way to the school, which was the event center for the day, was difficult but we all made it.
You can see the full results on this link www.ssoa.org.uk/results/2015/

You can see the courses and the map at www.soa.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/#49

The Scottish School Championships 2015

TheDumfries and Galloway School Championships 2015

27 March 2015

Dumfries and Galloway School Championships

Barhill Plantation, Dalbeattie.

Did you take part in this event? If you did we hope you had a great time and enjoyed the courses. Here are some photos taken on the day. I hope they convey the fact that this was an enjoyable and successful event.

Click here to see the results,

Junior Squad Club Tops.

Solway juniors in their new tops.

Here are some of our juniors wearing the new Junior Squad club tops. Here are some of our juniors wearing the new Junior Squad club tops. Unfortunately not everyone could make it to the Heathhall event but we will get them handed out to you soon.

If you would like to be part of the Solway Junior Squad you can find details of what you need to do in the next section.

Junior Squad Club Tops.

Most of you will know that for some time we have been talking about getting some Junior Squad club tops, well the good news is that they are now here. Thank you Dalbeattie Sports Hub for making this possible.

For anyone out there who has just come across this page and is wondering how you qualify to be in our junior squad here is some information about how it will work. To be eligible you must be under 18 years old and hold a current membership of Solway Orienteers.

To wear one of the club tops you will be asked to pay a £10 refundable deposit. For this you get to have a top to wear, look after and wash (sorry Mums). In effect it is your top but this is the bit the parents will like, when the top has been out grown you can trade it in for a larger size.

We hope that all of our juniors will want to wear one of these tops. So if you would like to be part of this scheme you need to get an adult to let Helen or Tim know that you are interested.

You can do that by clicking this link and send us an e-mail.

Solway has two Scottish Sprint Champions.

Junior Scottish Sprint Champs.

Two of our juniors took part in the Erskine Sprint Championships on the 14 Feb. No thoughts of Valentines Day intruded to distract these two hardy runners from dashing round their courses and securing the titles in their age categories. Well done girls.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, yes they are wearing the new Solway Junior Squad club tops for the photo.

Top junior stories from 2014

SOA Participation Badges

I am delighted to announce that two of our juniors have earned their final badges. This is no mean feat and took just under two years to achieve this goal. They successfully completed their 100th courses at the Canada Championships. Here are a few photos from Whistler, including a close up shot of the set of badges proudly displayed on their kit bags.

I wonder who will be next to get a participation badge? Could it be you?

SOA Participation Badges

Junior Inter Regional Orienteering Competition

The Junior Inter Regional Competition was held on the weekend of 13 / 14 Sept. The competition started on Saturday at the Falkirk Wheel with the relays: this area had an interesting mix of open and wooded areas. The open areas made good use of the ditches and mounds around the Antonine Wall, which were sufficiently complex to pose some competitors a few problems both in interpretation and in the physical aspect of climbing up the steep slopes. One junior was heard to comment of the tours put on for visitors, that that was the only time they had encountered someone in full Roman soldier gear while out orienteering! Extra challenges were posed by the gaffled courses, this led to some competitors punching the wrong control in their haste and thus making them and their teams’ efforts all for nothing.

After a good night’s sleep the competition moved to Craig a’ Barns where the junior individual event was held. The shorter courses were held at the base of the hill where there is a network of paths. The longer and more technical courses had a 45 min walk to the top of the hill where they were let loose in the complex terrain of crags, re-entrants and boulders. This area is known to be a significant physical challenge and those on the higher level courses certainly found this to be the case. The plateau is complex wooded terrain and there are steep cliffs around most of the area. Some people were out for a long time.

After two days of strong competition how had the West Team fared? Well they had finished in a very creditable second place behind the North Team.

Well done to the two juniors who had the following cartoons published in June edition of Score. Both of these situations actually happened.

Zap cartoon.

walking tent cartoon.

Photo of the walking tent .

Solway Juniors at the Scottish Schools Festival

Scottish Schools Festival.
6 June 2014

A small group of Solway Juniors made the trip up to Drumpellier Country Park to take part in the Scottish Schools Festival.
Well done for persevering and finishing the courses in difficult circumstances.

There are a few photos on Flickr

Including some of the juniors doing the Headless Chicken's penguin warm up!

Dumfries and Galloway Schools Championships.
28 March 2014

Well done to everyone who took part.

Simple Results
Results with split times

Solway Juniors at the Scottish Schools Festival

Scottish Schools Festival.
6 June 2014

A small group of Solway Juniors made the trip up to Drumpellier Country Park to take part in the Scottish Schools Festival.
Well done for persevering and finishing the courses in difficult circumstances.

There are a few photos on Flickr

Including some of the juniors doing the Headless Chicken's penguin warm up!

Dumfries and Galloway Schools Championships.
28 March 2014

Well done to everyone who took part.

Simple Results
Results with split times

Top junior stories from 2013

Scottish Relay Championships
26 May 2013

For some of the Solway Juniors this was the first time they had had the opportunity to compete in an orienteering relay. It was a great experience and hopefuly one which they will want to do again.

The Junior Inter Regional Championships.

This event was held on the 5 and 6 Oct 2013 near Banchory. The Saturday saw the teams assembling for the relay event which was held in Scolty. On Sunday the team then ran in the individual competition which was held in Easter Clune Wood. After two days of challenging racing the team were in good spirits as you can see from the photo.

The s. w. junior team

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